Matters of the soul

Who ever mentioned that vybing a babe poetically is easy (I’m still not sure wether by the end of it she said yes, she utterly did well hiding her heart behind her words)😁😁😁
Today I’m featuring a friend, a sister…A crazy sweet soul, someone I’ve enjoyed working with more than once.
Often in life, I ask my self how I got to meet her, how she came to be part of me, part of my life, how we’ve managed to stroll over as good friends the past couple of years. Was it fate that brought us together ? I know not. But one thing I’m comforted with… It’s her presence. Always she’s a chitty chatty real good challenge, and I’m glad I stand up to it. Unknown to her, she has a way of making me poetic🤫🙈
Ladies and gentlemen, I present unto you a poetic piece I got to feature with an old pretty soul of mine…🐼
Joan Lady.

🤴 : Are you also this beautiful, cause daily by the day you make me fall, and yet in the night you make me fly…
Cupid 💘 might have visited me, but less of sleep do I have as you swiftly and softly kill me.

👸 : How is emotion in confusion spoken…?
With every second that passes by without you seeming like a lifetime of misery, I just want to hold you yet I need you so far away from me. Oh Cupid! How do you cause the rain of sweet misery to fall on me

🤴 : I’ve never wanted love, nor ever wished for it… But here I am, chasing a stranger! Do u have no regard for my feelings, do you not know of how I’ve been broken, do you not know of how shattered💔 I’ve been.
Have mercy upon me daughter of Eve🍏 see beyond my silent smile😔, see the struggles🧗 I go through to love you everyday📅 carry me like a candle🕯️ in your heart

👸 : The smile on your face doesn’t spell deception neither does your character spell out hypocrisy. Is the daughter of Eve condemned for who she is. Is her sparkling✨ fragrance enough to judge her:
How calmly and evil can Adam be!

🤴 : Neither poetry, nor the 26🔤 characters of the alphabet can wholly define you. I know people have belittled you, while others have praised you.
But I want to be calibrated with you…🧚
I said I want to be ozonated and chemically catalyzed, to avidly combust no more in your presence, but rather to softly fall in your arms☺

👸 : Hope is deceptive and charm is unpredictable. Your rising seas and falling mountains of beauty do not abound. Love is not falling nor riding into unwelcome arms. Thy ignorance a fear to many and thy comfort peace cannot define serendipity even for the lay man. The patient virtue and of the skies give not the courage to give a smile to another.

🤴 : Did your mum teach you not to pity the broken hearted, did she tell you not have mercy on a stranger!
This heavy heart you’ve left me carrying, this heart you have suspended in the air, waiting on you.
This which I wish to carry no more, you’ve abandoned to the world. This heart…

Published by Billz

Law student, poet, writer

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