A walk with you

Finally, we are where we’ve always wanted to be,
Or rather, on our way to where we are meant to.
This light we’ve given out,
we never expected to shine this bright,
to some it has brought hope,
to others love, but above all, kept us going and pushing through against all odds in life.

Some things around us… turned magical,
making memories and melodies became part of us,
living life, was a realization of our dream.

U dared to complete me, made me who I am, defined that which I couldn’t,
held me up when I was falling,
held the candle, when I was burning,
sheltered me amidst all the scorn,
kept up with my insolence, and still… Never given up.

U haven’t been easy either,
changing with the changing you has often worn me out,
me trekking after you made you blush,
falling for me everyday is one thing you’ve never given up,
breaking me in pieces has also been another…
And yet, here I still am… with you.

Fate, time, space and destiny have been of essence, and so have you!
Our baby quarrels, silent fights, unending blows and straws, willows and gallows, all served to make us one… They have made the best out of us, a big one for that.

And my heart’s ❤️ beat, has never stopped beating for you🙈

Happy Vals to all love birds

Published by Billz

Law student, poet, writer

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