Lone or alone …?

Sometimes it feels cool to be a human with no feelings,
Living a quiet lone life with no ringings,
one where you ignore those trying to reach out to you for you’ve been overstepped at.
Sometimes a quiet life is a nice life, cute and so independent
But at what cost ?
Keeping those that care about you at a far off distance? Or being with an empty hole that can never filled up ?
Many times we find comfort in the dark, yet all we need is little burning light.
Finding peace in silence, while ignoring the cries of the man next to us.
We have lots of stories to tell, yet We love keeping ourselves in these silent tears,
Struggling with the silent battles and tables, yet deep down, these crosses are wearing us down.

It’s cool to say it but I’m no fool for it’s worse to be alone, and it’s far much worse when you’re a loner.
We forget that we are because of others, and without anyone we are simply no one.
Our destinies, fate are thing that are intertwined in lots of unimaginable ways.
Drop your walls, and let people in, it’s what makes us human.

Healthy minds

Published by Billz

Law student, poet, writer

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