The endless questions…

When your world falls apart, what’s your best move ?
When all evil is lurking your way, which seems a better way ?
How best do you hide your tears from them that care about you ? Why do you do it ? Why don’t you want them to know of your pain ?

Why is it that when all seems to be well, something else hits you hard ? Why is the world so against you ? Why are the forces of nature working to fail you ?
Why is it that you best moments are always short-lived ? Was happiness meant to be your thing ?
Is your life worth living ? Is it worth a shot ?

Why is it always you ? Is it just you, or everyone else has endless questions in life ?
When do you get to move on ? When do you take a step when all is holding you back ?

Will life ever be fair to you ? Will the strings of the guitar and the sound of music ever be beautiful to your ears ?
Will anyone ever give you attention ? Will they ever care like you do ?  Love you like you deserve ?  Cherish you like you do them ?

Does anyone even mind that you are there ? Why is it that there are many pretenders than realists ?
Is you life worth living ?

It’s not just you, we all have questions on our hearts… We all have these things that make us powerless, things that make us question why we are. We all have these same questions, phrased in different ways. Surprisingly most have the same answers, but how we approach them, is what makes a difference.

We all take the same high way in life, but how we reach our destinations, the means we use to get there are what make a difference. The endless questions we have in life, are perhaps what make us human… They are what breathes life into us. They might be our signs of weakness but they are also what keep us moving.

None of us has been  craved and curved into a perfect gentleman… But we’ve all been Rifened like fine wine, and not yet to whine. We have and still are passing through the furnace, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be over.

These questions… Are endless, life is endless, sometimes you become speechless and feel like you are worthless… But people care, people mind, and people love. People have been tested, tempted and still survive, they strive!

Your past might be blurry, scary and fluffy, but it can’t determine your future. No one’s fate is ever sealed untill they give up. Don’t give up yet on yourself, no has. Don’t work hard to be successful in failing yourself, you might never live to regret it, but others will. Don’t carry any burdens of guilt on you, don’t carry your cross alone. What makes us human, is knowing there is someone willing to go with us all the way, knowing there is someone we can share with.

What makes us human… Is being human, knowing that we make mistakes, get lost in life, loose track of what we are meant to be, question what we are meant to use of our lives. But amidst all these, we find love, joy, happiness, craziness… We find friends, make friends, and even when we are to be cut short, we live moments… moments which become memories, and memories which keep us living.

So Yes… Your life is worth living, it’s worth a shot !

Published by Billz

Law student, poet, writer

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