A reason to smile…

Billz' words of thought

Well, I want to believe that I’m not that reason ( how I pray I am) and I don’t want u to see it in me,
may be you’ve lost hope in yourself, feel like you’ve let your guard down…yourself down.
But, do you know how much hopes I have in you,
how much belief I have in you,
do you know how much courage u inspired in not I alone, but to every soul you touched ?

You’ve done a pretty good job in making us smile,
giving us a reason to smile, and you said we were it.
I may have no idea as to why you want to give up on you,
but I choose to believe that you are worth billion reasons to be happy, to emit love…

You are worth a reason to smile.

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Published by Billz

Law student, poet, writer

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