A beautiful world

A beautiful world it was, a beautiful world it is, a beautiful world it can still be.
Mama, why are we are dying young and slowly inspite of our vibrant energy ? The world we knew, isn’t what it is anymore! It’s unfaded beauty,  what did we make of it? Back in the days we joyed and prejudiced ourselves in humanity, but where is all that pride now ?

Currently we are envisaged in fear, panic and terror… We are overshadowed in “a man eat man” world. Long and gone are the days we joined and united hands to stand together, perhaps this is that time! Gone are the days we’d sit together on one round table and enjoy a nice made meal together, we now prefer eating behind well tucked in curtains.

The rich are thriving on the poor, the stronger are enslaving the weak, honesty has become an object of weakness, and transparency is a sign of backwardness. This is how far we’ve gone. Scavenging upon another like ruthless animals. Giving a hand with a calculated move. We don’t help without expectations.

We seem to forget that all this we fight for, we leave behind. We forget the journey laid before us. May be this just our nature, being Self centered… Or may be this is the time… Perhaps now is the time to act, to stand as one. Now is the time for self reflection on where we are now, and where we want to be. Now is the time for human solidarity, brotherhood and firmness. It’s here that we look upon our errors and realize how quick we are susceptible to attacks if we aren’t one. It’s upon this moment we look back at our mistakes and rectify them. Now is when we stop pointing fingers to one another.

At this point, this precise moment, when we realize we’ve lost lots of friends, time, moments. We’ve lost part of ourselves, most of what makes us. We’ve been broken as a race. The worst in us has been brought out in the light.

Well, good news, this doesn’t have to be the end. There is always hope. We can live a better life, we can retrace our footsteps, we can be whole again. Everything can still be beautiful as it was. Birds can fly and we hear them whirling. The sky can still look much more prettier. Everyday, you may rise up with a great purpose.  We deserve another chance.

A quick one for you, what next after this ?

Published by Billz

Law student, poet, writer

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