What next

Life should never be hard on any of us, but what if you have no choice ?🤷🏾‍♂️

Of late, I’ve been waking up late (close to 1100 or 1200 hrs🙈) in my small cozy bed 🛏️, even had moments where I wish not to just get up😴😴, and when I had to, well guess what? I’ve also had some revision📚 apparently for my ‘now’ online💻 classes📝 which not only I, but also my coursemates still find a little difficult to adjust to (of course we must, we have no option).

I get to wake up to some pleasant  breakfast🥪🍉☕😋 (just bragging😁), Sit down to check for any updates from my chatrooms and stare in the blur👀 for a moment wondering… When will this end?🤷🏾‍♂️ Read a novel📖, play a video game🎮, sit outside in the evenings, watch the sunset over our neighbors’ rooftops, watch🔭 the moon🌘 come out looking so crescent and cute, accompanied with lovely stars💫. Oh, not to forget, I’ve been doing movies🎬 aswell, lots of them to be sure and I think I could run one more month to exhaust all of them🙈🤭

This… this has been my awkward routine🤦🏾‍♂️, for the past couple of weeks and yet to some of you it’s probably and definitely been longer☹️. Waking up knowing that today for some reason, is going to be just like yesterday… boring😒, and asking yourself when this will all end as you doze off quite often. And of course, keeping indoors. In a snapshot📷, all this looks like some weird movie🧟 where we’ve been made characters🙍🏾‍♂️ without knowing, can you imagine!🙆🏾‍♂️

But not a day🌅 has gone by when I’ve not had those silent moments🙎🏾‍♂️, moments in which I’ve missed my friends🤼‍♂️, my crazy days🎭 the funny hustles🚵🏾‍♂️, the night hangouts…🍻🥂 I’m missing my ordinary life💯 things I’m used to, and I guess we all are, something has been taken away from us right now. But then, as my eyes glow and fill up with trinklets of tears about these days, in these silent moments, my mind is also left to wonder🦋 off to the things that mattered, yet I seemed not to care about, things which defined me.

To myself I’ve told my self this is my chance to look back into my goal planner📅 ( which most of us have I believe), where do I see myself after this…🤷🏾‍♂️ what am I getting from it… After this moment, what matters most in my life, who and what comes first ? Am I placing myself first before anything else ? True everyone matters, but when was the last time🕠 I ever had for myself other than today like this ?

At exactly 0416hrs E.A.T, when I’ve not yet had an ounce of sleep the entire day (just being a little dramatic 🤭), and I don’t know wether what I’m Writing makes any sense, wether you are able to get the gist of it all… But at least have this in your mind, when was the last time you had time for yourself ? When was the last time all you thought about was just you? When was the last time you negated all the noise, and kept akimbo just to take in the stillness of everything , to hear the sound of the wind, to listen to a beautiful breeze play a sound of music, when was the last time you thought about organizing your affairs, your objectives and your goals ? I’m not your

It may sound weird per say, but after all this crisis, what’s your next move👣, what next in your life…?

Published by Billz

Law student, poet, writer

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