Everyday, unlike today.

The day is still young,
Light Ray’s of the sun coming through your room,
You feeling the comfy of your bed, tucking in the blanket to your chin, letting it’s electrifying warmth flow over your whole body.

For a moment, seems like you don’t have anything worrying you, like your burdens have been lifted from your shoulders.
The smile on on your lips, like you’ve never known any troubles or sorrows in your life.
Today definitely has to be your day you tell yourself, so positive and affirmative in your actions.
Actually, you even had to look in your mirror, that lady of valor, did she whisper something to you ? Ahhh, yes.. she said, “today is your day, all will be well. No one will step on you today.”

Well… Not everyday you’ll wake up to this kind of feeling, some days you’ll wake up feeling down, asking yourself why daylight was eager to dawn on you, why the night couldn’t hold out a little longer to give answers to your questions…

Sometimes, time will just be longer or shorter than time, it will always leave you behind at some point in life.

And then life ? Life will throw bones to you, it’ll definitely be tough and rough on you…
You’ll be scolded, betrayed, heartbroken, lonely…
But your approach to every situation will always count, your attaching flesh to each bone thrown to you will matter.

You see, each day you’ll wake up, no matter how you’ll be feeling, make a daily routine of how it’ll have flow.
Determine your day right from your bed, know the events that will flow in it.
Make room for mistakes, but don’t let them clump you down.
Look in the mirror before you set off for work or any chores you have for your day ?
What did the lady in the mirror tell you, what did that man look like ? Was he fresh for the new day, Was she ready to punch back to life.
Say hi to someone today? put a smile on someone’s face out there.
Let them that see you see not your problems, but the warmth in you.
Take someone out for a simple cup of coffee
at your break, or lunch or even dinner. Remember, enemies are not picked, they are made… But so are friends.

Labour hard to inspire someone in the day, do something beyond your scope of duties, surprise your wife, your mother, brother or friend, do a charity something for someone out there.

Tell stories which need to be told, be fun were you ought to, give a piece of you to those that surround you, make them feel at peace.
Be a counselor when you have to, and weigh your words before you speak.

And before you rest, as the moon glows right out your window, take a moment to think about what you did in your entire day, How many crescent faces you made merry, Your problems won’t even be a bother for you to get a soft calm sleep.
In the end, be glad, this wasn’t your day, you had to make it for someone, but yours is coming by all means.

Published by Billz

Law student, poet, writer

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