Goodbye👋 wasn’t meant to be
For such an African Angel🧚
Red… it fancied💃
but black👩‍💼 looked better on her💕
Glowing and loving eyes💞
Authenticated💯 with a crescent smile💋
Soft a heart💘 small and yet accommodating✨
Silent smiles, stares and tears she had😔
And still made the world a better place✌️
Should have seen beyond all those😞
Those Laughters…🤦
Beautiful still, are the memories👫 and melodies 😔
That ring In the loneliest of days😢
guess we shouldn’t have met🙍
But time🕛, space💫 and fate🔭 did all the magic🌠
Eventual demise was unavoidable…🙎
So was this goodbye😞
Goodbye wasn’t meant to be😞
For such an African Angel🧚🧚

Published by Billz

Law student, poet, writer

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