All sin is evil, and no sin is a little sin.
But what is little and what is evil ?
Is little a little little or a little bit evil, a little away from right, or just that little ?
Is little at times necessary ?

Talking about necessary…
So what is a necessary sin, what makes it necessary, why is it necessary and whats there to justify that necessity?

If it’s a justifiable one, is it still a sin, or it’s an act right, but deemed to be sin-ish ?

Are there any right reasons given for committing this ‘ necessary ‘ sin, or it’s a false misleading belief ?
Are some sins so necessary to commit than to be righteous at the point of committing them ?

The power in you

You probably don’t not know how much strength u wield in you,
How much courage u Inspire in others,
The lives that look up to you
Wether for a little hello or that great big hug,
Making their flow less complicated and much more simpler…
Such a luminous light in the dark,
Meant to keep burning and lighting up all the way.

The days we lived

Eventually we had to sprout,
We had to grow,

The moments we dreaded, we had to face,
and those that battled us down, we had to learn from.

It was these times we were forced to stop running,
the times we had to man-up.

And when we ever doubted ourselves,
Well…we always knew no one was perfect.

That’s why there was room for mistakes, forgiveness, childishness, beefing, fights, everything…

But above all,
We never forgot to love, to give, to care and spare.

These were those f*cking days…

Our days,

The days we lived, thrived and survived.


Whatever you do, it won’t make sense till u realise it.
No one will understand a thing till it’s on that platter.
You’ll feel discouraged, derailed and weak,
at one point might even lose sight of your goal.

But guess what, time flies…
You’ll be there one day, may be not on
that high table everyone fancies,
but where you are needed most,
were you rightfully ought to be.

And when you are finally there,
keep in mind your struggles,

dont fight for what’s beyond your grasp…
You’ll miss out on the fun with what’s meant to be yours, what you own, what you really hustled for.

Live for hope, if you can’t do it for yourself,… Atleast do it for someone.
Many look upto you as a source of inspiration no matter how messed up and miserable you may think u and your life are.

Is it everyone, anybody or someone ?

They will love you, for who you are, when you have everything and when you’ve lost it.

When you’ve lost the light in your life and when you are at the best of your game…

They can tell the tears behind your every smile, and the joy beneath each of your tears

Those are ones you have to figure out yourself in life, they may be family, or strangers, they can be anybody or simply… Someone.

I hate the loner I see in you,
The stranger in you.
The loafer you’ve become
I miss the old you…
I crave for the days,
the days when everything about us
was just normal,
Imperfect but still perfect for us.
i miss the old you, the old us.

Chasing the right choice and the right dream.

How do you tell it’s right when you’ve not checked it out ?

How do you tell it’s right when everyone ain’t seeing what you are seeing…
How do you tell it’s right when you trying to prove yourself that it ain’t.
How do you tell it’s right when you feel left behind…?

So many questions,few answers.
Thing is, it doesn’t have to be right to be right. Sometimes it has to be a little off course, a little bit to the right or a little bit to the left or way to further than what may seem little.

What justifies it to be right is you.

Yes you…

You see, you have to tell when it’s right to be yours, for you and when it’s right not to be yours, right for someone else…

And when you can’t follow your heart to differentiate between what’s rightfully yours and what ain’t, then follow the signs, atleast have a little trust in them if you had none.

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