Enriching your mind

Ever wake up and feel like there is something wrong with your day ? That someone or something is definitely missing? Ever felt a creepy deep voice echoing in you that there is a mess of things somewhere, somehow ? Well you ain’t alone, that happens to almost everyone.
At one point you could even be moody👻 not willing to invite any soul at your table of thoughts.

It’s that time when you are probably prone to making your worst mistakes. But hey! There is a secret on how to evade all this… Well, the answer lay in how you had to start your day, how you intend to go through it, how to go about any hiccups, and your success…

In this sense, I’m gonna focus on meditation. How often do you meditate ? Have you even ever thought about it, do you plan on doing so ?
Meditation is more of contemplation on deep abstruse nature, or deep thoughts. It’s a way of clearing one’s mind, making the mind pure.

So why meditation? I talk about it because it’s healing to the mind, to the soul, a mind-reliever. It a pace setter.
For starters, best ways to reap from it is first thing before you leave your bed, take 5 mins meditating on anything.

Clear your thoughts before you leave your bed. Meditate about how your day should flow, what should entail it. Plan your day as you meditate within these 5 minute. Silence every noise that may become obtuse in your mind, then you’ll be good to go for the day.

At first, this may be a little hard if not almost impossible, but if you train your mind spontaneously, you’ll gradually catch up and enjoy it’s benefits.

Best if you try it out twice or thrice a day; in the morning when you wake up to brace yourself for the day, in the afternoon just to relieve and relax yourself of whatever could have jeopardized your day, and finally before you sleep. Just to clear you mind of all the day’s work and have a good night sleep.
With this going on in your life, what else could go wrong ? Definitely nothing.

Remember, a healthy mind is a rich mind.

Tears of a broken soul

There was right, there was wrong…
And there was you. Beauty was your name.
You saw through the fracture of a human soul,
And yet you dared to mend that hole.
Always stood to perfect lives… A life.
With all its ups and downs, right on the low,
even with a little, You made it fickle.
To be with you was a dream,
Chasing you was no game
close to you I could never fathom,
yet far away from you sounded like disaster.
I still have this picture where there was us… Holding arms and looking deep in each other’s eyes.
You dressed in cream and sparkling in diamonds, me in my old denim jeans on.
At that moment Love hang in the air, we were a perfect pair: a made-for-each-other couple
And wished no rain to dawn on us ruin our moment
Talking about us… there was never any Us without you simply because You completed me, complimented me, made me who I am.
You became the true definition of me.
Now that I come to think of it,
You used to make me much more humane… An African angel.
Your eyes always glimmered with love, hope, faith that we could be! And we were…
You put me, us, right where we are meant to be… At the centre of it all, at the heart where the moon never set, where things never fell apart, where we couldn’t fall apart! I still wonder what happened?
Bollywood, Nollywood or Hollywood , with you I stood tall,
for we were against all odds.
We’d die for each other, that’s what we promised.
Couple of years later,
here I lay… on the couch,
drowning in my thoughts.

Matters of the soul

Who ever mentioned that vybing a babe poetically is easy (I’m still not sure wether by the end of it she said yes, she utterly did well hiding her heart behind her words)😁😁😁
Today I’m featuring a friend, a sister…A crazy sweet soul, someone I’ve enjoyed working with more than once.
Often in life, I ask my self how I got to meet her, how she came to be part of me, part of my life, how we’ve managed to stroll over as good friends the past couple of years. Was it fate that brought us together ? I know not. But one thing I’m comforted with… It’s her presence. Always she’s a chitty chatty real good challenge, and I’m glad I stand up to it. Unknown to her, she has a way of making me poetic🤫🙈
Ladies and gentlemen, I present unto you a poetic piece I got to feature with an old pretty soul of mine…🐼
Joan Lady.

🤴 : Are you also this beautiful, cause daily by the day you make me fall, and yet in the night you make me fly…
Cupid 💘 might have visited me, but less of sleep do I have as you swiftly and softly kill me.

👸 : How is emotion in confusion spoken…?
With every second that passes by without you seeming like a lifetime of misery, I just want to hold you yet I need you so far away from me. Oh Cupid! How do you cause the rain of sweet misery to fall on me

🤴 : I’ve never wanted love, nor ever wished for it… But here I am, chasing a stranger! Do u have no regard for my feelings, do you not know of how I’ve been broken, do you not know of how shattered💔 I’ve been.
Have mercy upon me daughter of Eve🍏 see beyond my silent smile😔, see the struggles🧗 I go through to love you everyday📅 carry me like a candle🕯️ in your heart

👸 : The smile on your face doesn’t spell deception neither does your character spell out hypocrisy. Is the daughter of Eve condemned for who she is. Is her sparkling✨ fragrance enough to judge her:
How calmly and evil can Adam be!

🤴 : Neither poetry, nor the 26🔤 characters of the alphabet can wholly define you. I know people have belittled you, while others have praised you.
But I want to be calibrated with you…🧚
I said I want to be ozonated and chemically catalyzed, to avidly combust no more in your presence, but rather to softly fall in your arms☺

👸 : Hope is deceptive and charm is unpredictable. Your rising seas and falling mountains of beauty do not abound. Love is not falling nor riding into unwelcome arms. Thy ignorance a fear to many and thy comfort peace cannot define serendipity even for the lay man. The patient virtue and of the skies give not the courage to give a smile to another.

🤴 : Did your mum teach you not to pity the broken hearted, did she tell you not have mercy on a stranger!
This heavy heart you’ve left me carrying, this heart you have suspended in the air, waiting on you.
This which I wish to carry no more, you’ve abandoned to the world. This heart…

The journey🛣️ so far2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

From the onset, olugendo lwaffe (our journey) has been a bumpy ride, and still is perhaps.
Lots of thoughts had crawled and lurked in our minds, a blurry picture is all we could see from the pieces set before us then, but now it’s brightly clear…2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣

To those who had expectations, I don’t know if you were able to achieve:- If you didn’t, don’t give up yet, the strife never stops, it just keeps getting real, so do your efforts.

We all had dreams at the start, Some where shattered along the way but some kept us moving when we’d lost hope.

In a special way, before the fall of this year, we had people who endeavored to see us where we are today.
Over the past 365, we gladly made friends, kept friends and unexpectedly lost some (may their souls rest peacefully), these have been inspirational mortars to hold us up when we were slipping, light the way for us when we were in the dark, and shielded us (if not fall with us) when all hell had broke loose.
We all gladly learnt from each other, and I pray we keep on learning more, achieve more, and dream big together all the way.

In all this, we also had family standing by with us (I pray you did). These endlessly supported us without regard to our flaws. May be we had pulls and stretches with them, I don’t know… But what I’m certain of, we were able to keep it all together, to keep as one good big family, that is always there for each other.

Next year may be tougher than this one, that I guarantee you. We may lose those close to us (I pray we don’t), our projects and plans may not turn out as we may expect, but one thing shouldn’t fail us…
To live our lives, make memories of it, and dance to the melodies.

I gladly, and felicitously wish you the best of your new year.

Happy 2020🥂

Goodbye👋 wasn’t meant to be
For such an African Angel🧚
Red… it fancied💃
but black👩‍💼 looked better on her💕
Glowing and loving eyes💞
Authenticated💯 with a crescent smile💋
Soft a heart💘 small and yet accommodating✨
Silent smiles, stares and tears she had😔
And still made the world a better place✌️
Should have seen beyond all those😞
Those Laughters…🤦
Beautiful still, are the memories👫 and melodies 😔
That ring In the loneliest of days😢
guess we shouldn’t have met🙍
But time🕛, space💫 and fate🔭 did all the magic🌠
Eventual demise was unavoidable…🙎
So was this goodbye😞
Goodbye wasn’t meant to be😞
For such an African Angel🧚🧚

Living today

Finally… when you settle.
Live your moment, don’t worry about tomorrow.
You’ve been doing a lot of worrying of late, even forgot about yourself.
But for once in life, forget your troubles, put everything away, and think about you,
what makes you to be you, what makes you happy.
You are at that point in life in which yesterday’s mistakes don’t have to define who you are today nor tomorrow’s burdens weigh in on you now, no…
You are better.

Everyday, unlike today.

The day is still young,
Light Ray’s of the sun coming through your room,
You feeling the comfy of your bed, tucking in the blanket to your chin, letting it’s electrifying warmth flow over your whole body.

For a moment, seems like you don’t have anything worrying you, like your burdens have been lifted from your shoulders.
The smile on on your lips, like you’ve never known any troubles or sorrows in your life.
Today definitely has to be your day you tell yourself, so positive and affirmative in your actions.
Actually, you even had to look in your mirror, that lady of valor, did she whisper something to you ? Ahhh, yes.. she said, “today is your day, all will be well. No one will step on you today.”

Well… Not everyday you’ll wake up to this kind of feeling, some days you’ll wake up feeling down, asking yourself why daylight was eager to dawn on you, why the night couldn’t hold out a little longer to give answers to your questions…

Sometimes, time will just be longer or shorter than time, it will always leave you behind at some point in life.

And then life ? Life will throw bones to you, it’ll definitely be tough and rough on you…
You’ll be scolded, betrayed, heartbroken, lonely…
But your approach to every situation will always count, your attaching flesh to each bone thrown to you will matter.

You see, each day you’ll wake up, no matter how you’ll be feeling, make a daily routine of how it’ll have flow.
Determine your day right from your bed, know the events that will flow in it.
Make room for mistakes, but don’t let them clump you down.
Look in the mirror before you set off for work or any chores you have for your day ?
What did the lady in the mirror tell you, what did that man look like ? Was he fresh for the new day, Was she ready to punch back to life.
Say hi to someone today? put a smile on someone’s face out there.
Let them that see you see not your problems, but the warmth in you.
Take someone out for a simple cup of coffee
at your break, or lunch or even dinner. Remember, enemies are not picked, they are made… But so are friends.

Labour hard to inspire someone in the day, do something beyond your scope of duties, surprise your wife, your mother, brother or friend, do a charity something for someone out there.

Tell stories which need to be told, be fun were you ought to, give a piece of you to those that surround you, make them feel at peace.
Be a counselor when you have to, and weigh your words before you speak.

And before you rest, as the moon glows right out your window, take a moment to think about what you did in your entire day, How many crescent faces you made merry, Your problems won’t even be a bother for you to get a soft calm sleep.
In the end, be glad, this wasn’t your day, you had to make it for someone, but yours is coming by all means.


Teach your boy how to dream, that’s the most important lesson of all.
Teach your girl that good things don’t come over night, they are hustled for.
Give your kids a better life the hardest way, let them know of your hard work,
let them know where you spend close to 70 hours each week in your life.
Let them know why you harldy get time to be with them.
Show them, that dreams… eventually get choose them in the end.
Give them a reason to dream, teach the to dream

You’ve walked through streets and admired what you saw, ryt ?
That’s not for you to admire !
Shocked ?

You see what is meant for you is out there,
looking and hunting for you,
you feel so broken and down yet in you is a great someone.

You feel isolated from the world, yet In you is a great inspirational story.
Shattered and left in tatters, yet you a great symbol of unionism.

Now may not be your time, but definitely yours is coming.
It didn’t take a day to build Rome, so is your life,
it takes ink, and a quill to write up a page, so is your life.
It takes pages to make a chapter… So is your life.

Wonderful and beautiful stories aren’t made over night, success isn’t made over night, reputation and a name don’t just flow, they are hustled for.

Living the hustle may not be easy, giving up now might be a much better option, letting your dreams escape through the thin air might be much more easier, dying would be far better than living…

But yours is yet to come, don’t give up yet.


A new love is born,
will it freight or go to heights,
Will u nurture it,
Make it blossom, to the ends of the Earth ?
Will you not tow but sow for it’s benevolence…
Are you willing to forfeit for it’s cosmos…?
Are you gonna be that picture perfect or a catastrophic lite ?
How far can you push, when you’ve not sidelined.
Living without judging, appreciating and not complaining, soaring like an eagle🦅, these will you archive?

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