Fine wine 🍷

The only moment I lived was when I loved… The perfect memories I ever hold are those with them that mattered.

For each day that past by, I longed for them

Them that curved me into a perfect lady…Refined and redefined me like fine wine.

They became mine even when there was no time.

They were that beautiful tingling sound of music ringing in my ears

ringing like a sound of birds whistling when I woke up,
With Soft, soft, soft deep breaths and a calm heart beat.

It was them… Always has been, that made me realize my  dreams come true.

Saw the bold woman in me, the Angel in me…

A reason to smile…

Billz' words of thought

Well, I want to believe that I’m not that reason ( how I pray I am) and I don’t want u to see it in me,
may be you’ve lost hope in yourself, feel like you’ve let your guard down…yourself down.
But, do you know how much hopes I have in you,
how much belief I have in you,
do you know how much courage u inspired in not I alone, but to every soul you touched ?

You’ve done a pretty good job in making us smile,
giving us a reason to smile, and you said we were it.
I may have no idea as to why you want to give up on you,
but I choose to believe that you are worth billion reasons to be happy, to emit love…

You are worth a reason to smile.

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The endless questions…

When your world falls apart, what’s your best move ?
When all evil is lurking your way, which seems a better way ?
How best do you hide your tears from them that care about you ? Why do you do it ? Why don’t you want them to know of your pain ?

Why is it that when all seems to be well, something else hits you hard ? Why is the world so against you ? Why are the forces of nature working to fail you ?
Why is it that you best moments are always short-lived ? Was happiness meant to be your thing ?
Is your life worth living ? Is it worth a shot ?

Why is it always you ? Is it just you, or everyone else has endless questions in life ?
When do you get to move on ? When do you take a step when all is holding you back ?

Will life ever be fair to you ? Will the strings of the guitar and the sound of music ever be beautiful to your ears ?
Will anyone ever give you attention ? Will they ever care like you do ?  Love you like you deserve ?  Cherish you like you do them ?

Does anyone even mind that you are there ? Why is it that there are many pretenders than realists ?
Is you life worth living ?

It’s not just you, we all have questions on our hearts… We all have these things that make us powerless, things that make us question why we are. We all have these same questions, phrased in different ways. Surprisingly most have the same answers, but how we approach them, is what makes a difference.

We all take the same high way in life, but how we reach our destinations, the means we use to get there are what make a difference. The endless questions we have in life, are perhaps what make us human… They are what breathes life into us. They might be our signs of weakness but they are also what keep us moving.

None of us has been  craved and curved into a perfect gentleman… But we’ve all been Rifened like fine wine, and not yet to whine. We have and still are passing through the furnace, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be over.

These questions… Are endless, life is endless, sometimes you become speechless and feel like you are worthless… But people care, people mind, and people love. People have been tested, tempted and still survive, they strive!

Your past might be blurry, scary and fluffy, but it can’t determine your future. No one’s fate is ever sealed untill they give up. Don’t give up yet on yourself, no has. Don’t work hard to be successful in failing yourself, you might never live to regret it, but others will. Don’t carry any burdens of guilt on you, don’t carry your cross alone. What makes us human, is knowing there is someone willing to go with us all the way, knowing there is someone we can share with.

What makes us human… Is being human, knowing that we make mistakes, get lost in life, loose track of what we are meant to be, question what we are meant to use of our lives. But amidst all these, we find love, joy, happiness, craziness… We find friends, make friends, and even when we are to be cut short, we live moments… moments which become memories, and memories which keep us living.

So Yes… Your life is worth living, it’s worth a shot !

Lone or alone …?

Sometimes it feels cool to be a human with no feelings,
Living a quiet lone life with no ringings,
one where you ignore those trying to reach out to you for you’ve been overstepped at.
Sometimes a quiet life is a nice life, cute and so independent
But at what cost ?
Keeping those that care about you at a far off distance? Or being with an empty hole that can never filled up ?
Many times we find comfort in the dark, yet all we need is little burning light.
Finding peace in silence, while ignoring the cries of the man next to us.
We have lots of stories to tell, yet We love keeping ourselves in these silent tears,
Struggling with the silent battles and tables, yet deep down, these crosses are wearing us down.

It’s cool to say it but I’m no fool for it’s worse to be alone, and it’s far much worse when you’re a loner.
We forget that we are because of others, and without anyone we are simply no one.
Our destinies, fate are thing that are intertwined in lots of unimaginable ways.
Drop your walls, and let people in, it’s what makes us human.

Healthy minds

A walk with you

Finally, we are where we’ve always wanted to be,
Or rather, on our way to where we are meant to.
This light we’ve given out,
we never expected to shine this bright,
to some it has brought hope,
to others love, but above all, kept us going and pushing through against all odds in life.

Some things around us… turned magical,
making memories and melodies became part of us,
living life, was a realization of our dream.

U dared to complete me, made me who I am, defined that which I couldn’t,
held me up when I was falling,
held the candle, when I was burning,
sheltered me amidst all the scorn,
kept up with my insolence, and still… Never given up.

U haven’t been easy either,
changing with the changing you has often worn me out,
me trekking after you made you blush,
falling for me everyday is one thing you’ve never given up,
breaking me in pieces has also been another…
And yet, here I still am… with you.

Fate, time, space and destiny have been of essence, and so have you!
Our baby quarrels, silent fights, unending blows and straws, willows and gallows, all served to make us one… They have made the best out of us, a big one for that.

And my heart’s ❤️ beat, has never stopped beating for you🙈

Happy Vals to all love birds

A step each moment

Take it One day at a time, one step each moment…
Not too fast, and not too slow, just a steady pace, one you can handle.
The world has a tendency of offering you something and nothing at the same time, how you use both totally depends on your objectives.
And no one builds scrap out of nothing, so always have something, small humble beginnings can magnify your your spectrum, your podium, ur position. Don’t underestimate them.

A healthy mind is a rich one

Into the darkness…

Where no Angels dare,
Sink in to your darkest and deepest fears,
battle your demons and keep getting up no matter how hard you’ve fallen.

Retract a step if you must with the insight of taking ten ahead.
Cry if you have too, I’ll lend a shoulder if I must, but let it be the last you ever…

Strong walls don’t always make strong men…Nope they dont!
And it’s ok if you are weak,it implies you are human…
after all, at Gethsame Jesus became weak for a moment, he cried unto his father to strengthen him, to have his (God’s) will done not as he (Jesus) pleased…

Your weakness doesn’t have to be your “weakness” for life, it’s an even point for you to build your strengths.

The real fight is always with in you. You can make the fight, or it’ll make you.
Be the man… the woman you’ve always wanted to be, don’t expect anyone to be that for you.

Open your arms to criticisms, they’ll shape and focus you into a perfect lens. We all have fears in life, we fear something which others don’t…

This darkness, u see… It can not just be a little, but very frightening. Yes💯.
That is why we have stars and the moon to light our way through. And that’s the people we associate with.
So know your circle of friends, people you surround yourself with. They have the power to make or break you. Sadly… just like your dream!

Perhaps that’s the irony of life… Things intended to build us, to motivate and inspire us, can be the very things that destroy us.

Something to ask, something little, something like love…

We all want love. Is it too much to ask ? I know some will say it begins with you, but for how long will you keep your own light Burning, for how long will you keep going without a hand ?
The best journeys in life are those you’ve walked not alone, but in the company of the other(s).
Is it too much to ask still ?
Love… Is a strange thing, it has the power to create, and yet still destroy; It can save a soul.
It can light up and rejuvenate a soul.
Despite what ever we might have in life, we all need it, the simplicity of love.

Heart beats💞

Has your heart ever skipped a beat ?
Mine did once or twice, so long ago, yet it still feels like yesterday,
For these memories have never washed away.
Perhaps I cared so much, dreamt too much, and then crushed.
Some times she’d leave me in bits and at times others… in pieces!
Is that what it meant to love ?
perhaps I wasn’t good at it, still not now… And May be forever never.
Sacrifice is all it takes they said, if all goes blur, then cherish the memories they still yapped…
but may be… May be some hearts were never meant for love, to love!
They were just… Just meant to be broken💔
May be I attached so much value to her, and forgot what I had to do for my self.
Gave her the greater part of me, and left nothing for myself.
Thought we’d always be ready to vanish into tomorrow together, just like birds of the same feather, only to be left alone… In this cold weather.
So I feel it beating beats no more, coz that’s how much it’s sore.

Breaking loose…

Hello world, woke up today feeling high.
Made some edits in my life or not? I’m not sure, but definitely I’m working towards that, like any of us.

So much feels like a new me in the same old me. Wind whispering to my ears calmly, the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard being that of birds singing in echoes, with every movement being so slow, so peaceful, tranquil and splendid.

Tall green surrounding me, for a moment, the perfect place to spend my life… A place quite away from the world, incorruptible yet still gullible like any other…My mind! So much I’d wish to say I’m in Haven, but It turns out otherwise. I’m still on Earth🙉🙊

In my previous post, I’d talked about meditation, looks like it works out best when you surround yourself with mother nature, with your inner self, right?

How many times do you take to listen to yourself speak ? to think, breathe, live to recreate your best moments in life ? When do you ever get time to think about your life’s prospects and not your failures ? Apart from your troubles, when do you ever get time to clear off your mind form your burdens, when was the last time you ever had a fresh breeze blow against your face and made you sore up high, like a young eaglet learning to fly?

In seeing yourself grow and break lose from your worries, I won’t take you through meditation again, nope… For now, I’ll assume you’ve grasped the idea of it’s significance.
But let’s talk about your hobbies today. In preparing you for the whole weary and teary week ahead, what unique things stand out to freshen your mind, to make you lively ? What do you love doing as a stress-free activity keeping in mind that a hobby ought not to be your addiction.

A hobby is something, an activity that’s meant to refresh your mind, relax your nerves, and get the best out of you to the world out the there.
A hobby in this sense isn’t your talent or gift, it’s different from these. Where as both may literally stand out to be things you love doing, putting in practice…

A hobby is a mind refresher, just like meditation. It solely focuses in setting you ready for whatever may be approaching.

“What’s your hobby ?” Most disturbing answers I’ve ever received when I ask this is when my recpients tell me they have none.
Hard to take in, right ? Well, as disturbing and funny as it is, truth is, it ain’t. Not having a hobby is a life hacker, a life killer I should say. It robs you of the vital part and aspect of your life, life itself.

A hobby isn’t intended to be a luxury thing of life. It’s meant to be developed over time. You may not know your hobby now, but relax, chill. Overtime you’ll get to discover it, and when you do, you’ll realize that all along you had one.

Let it not become an addiction, don’t become a slave to something that you are meant to have mastery of. Do not become a lost cause in finding and getting to know yourself more.

Always get time to try out what you love; your hobby(ies) more than once or twice every week. In doing so, you’ll know that you hardly wear out, and flex yourself like others.

Life tends to be soft and smooth despite the pressures you may have. You’ll hardly blame others for your errors, but instead see a way through every corner😉

Remember A healthy mind is a rich mind… Always💯👌

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